Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wonder Quest Update Tuesday March 3, 2015

     From the time I began working on my Wonder Quest project, I have become infatuated by the subject of blues music.  I am starting to see and hear blues music everywhere, in every genre of music on the radio.
     Research has had a pivotal role in my project thus far.  I have come to realize that I am not very skilled at time management, however, I have grown better through this project.  I have never had a problem with plagiarism, and I still do not have problems in this assignment.
     I feel that I have enough information and notes from my sources to construct and compose a research paper on the topic of Blues Music.  I am learning several new things in my book, and I am up to page 94.
    The hardest thing about my project is probably right now, where we have to write a research paper on our topic.  I've just never been good at writing anything nonfiction, but every moment is a learning moment, I guess.

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