Tuesday, March 3, 2015

     One of the books that I am using for my Wonder Quest project on Blues music is Albert Murray's Stomping the Blues.  The book has a total of 258 pages.  I chose this book because I thought that everything in the book could be used and be relevant, and I am not disappointed.  I have up to today read 59 pages of the book, and everything that I have read has been germane to my project.  The book is a book of the 'basics' of blues, but, at the same time, contains very specific information on my topic.  It highlights the history of the blues, for the most part, and also provides information on how blues music evolved into the mainstream audiences and is still evolving today.
     For my project, I was assigned the task of creating an annotated bibliography, complete with 10 sources, fully cited, with a paragraph or two explaining each source.  I find that the bibliography is incredibly useful, as it gives me motivation to find new sources on my topic.  The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to provide the viewers of your project a resource that they can use to find any other information about your topic, and also to find where some of your information came from.

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